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Our Bee Friendly honey is extracted and bottled 'raw' as soon as possible after removal from the hive so that it can be enjoyed “as it comes” from the comb without heating and minimal straining. A thousand buzzy little smiles dancing on your tongue!  Any pollen or wax makes things so much the better too. It will granulate, be suspicious of any honey that doesn't, but it can be warmed gently if you like it runny. 


We call it bee-friendly because we don't steal all the honey from our furry friends and feed them sugar syrup to get the colony through the winter. We don't subject them to chemicals as they are very capable of coping with their environment. We also don't clip the Queen's wings to delay swarming or dispose of her every two years to increase her productivity. We much prefer them to live a full, natural term.


Enjoy :)

Honey - 12oz jar

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