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'Mud, mud, glorious mud, there's nothing quite like it ...' as the song goes. There's certainly nothing like the array of beneficial minerals in Dead Sea Mineral Mud. This soap is great for all skin types, but may also help with some skin problems. Besides the nourishing and cleansing combination of ingredients, oils & butters, this bar benefits from:-



Rich in minerals like magnesium, sodium & potassium that can help soothe inflamed skin. It helps reduce the appearance of pores, hydrates and firms for smoother skin.



This oil has a fresh & spicy aroma that can help clear the mind & just get you thinking about nicer things. It too can help with 'problem' and sensitive skin - acne, cuts & bruises etc.



A sweet, honeyed scent with spicy overtones. Marie Anne de la Tremoille is to thank for this beauty. She adored the essence of bitter orange and used it to perfume her gloves and bath. It caught on. Eventually, it came to be known as 'Neroli' as Marie also happened to be the Princess of Nerola. Interesting eh?

Calming and soothing, it is very kind to mature and sensitive skin.


Handcrafted soap designs may differ from images shown.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Soap with Neroli & Tea Tree

  • We have chosen our oils carefully to give you a soap bar that is both moisturising and cleansing for your skin. You may well find that once you have used our soaps for while you may not need expensive hand creams to condition your hands.

    The anti-inflammatory properties of beeswax encourage the healing of wounds.  Beeswax also has protective properties by helping a barrier form between the skin and the environment without clogging pores.  Furthermore, beeswax is high in vitamin A which has been found to support cell reconstruction and health. What a substance! Thank you bees. 

    Olive oil will absorb into the skin and form a protective barrier against the elements. It also acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin (to save you rushing for the dictionary), and is said to help aid skin cell regeneration.

    Coconut oil is wonderfully moisturising and also adds a barrier to the skin protecting it from the elements.  Its cleansing ability is amazing and is one of the few oils that produce a soap that will lather in salt water; just in case you were looking for such a thing. 

    Shea butter is rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids. This oil forms a breathable barrier on your skin that helps to protect it from harsh elements like the sun and wind.  It is well known for soothing skin irritations, sun protection, healing minor cuts and burns and of course skin moisturising. 

    Castor oil acts as a humectant, (you know what that is now), by drawing moisture from the air.  It is easily absorbed by the skin making it a great skin softener and conditioner. 

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