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This lovely Coconut Soap Rest measures 10 x 7.5cm but can easily be trimmed to suit most sinks or worktops. 

We've given this a thorough test and it helps keep your basins clean whilst allowing your soap to dry, rather than sit in a pool of water. Happily, this extends the life of your soap - (although our soaps are designed to resist turning 'mushy'). Any residue build-up is simply rinsed out under the tap with the joy of knowing that you are not faced with an irritating scraping job. Happy days. It should last for months after which it can be put on the compost heap once your new one arrives. We love them.

Made from organic coconut fibres, it is non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and home compostable.


Note: Soap not included

Coconut Soap Rest

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