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What's a bee's favourite food ?

Well honey really, but they do like getting the ingredients from the humble Dandelion. Ignoring their status as weeds, dandelions are actually quite pretty aren't they? That's my excuse for mowing around them on the farm as well as making sure the bees have something to collect. It's actually a bit nippy down here in Devon at the moment. I've restricted my access into the hives just to make sure that the brood doesn't get chilled, but I have to be very aware that we are now into swarming season. Hopefully the weather will be warm enough for me to take a peek shortly so that I can react to any signs that they may swarm. Each hive has plenty of room at the moment as congestion is one of the contributory factors. Fingers crossed; and now I must don my costume for the Sun Dance.

Here's Mavis showing you how to do the Sun Dance.

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