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It's a wrap! - the hand crafted alternative to cling film

I was going to show you a photograph of my sandwiches all snugly wrapped in one of our beeswax wraps, but I've eaten them. Maybe next time.

The wraps are now available through our website. Hand made using 100% cotton and a secret recipe that only Queen Zee and the buzzy miracles know; and they're not telling! Even the packaging is made from vegetable starch so that it can be composted. This is the nice alternative to cling film that doesn't turn up on David Attenborough programmes for all the wrong reasons that it would pain me to relate. Food wrapped or covered in them just seems to stay fresher for longer. After a morning in the apiary I find my sandwiches as full of life as when I made them. Other containers just seem to make them miserable. Then all I have to do is rinse the wrap under the tap when I get home and it's good to go again. We have a kitchen pack with three different sized wraps for bowls, cheese and fruit etc. The largest will also enclose my sandwich. Larger sizes for wrapping bread and really large casseroles and such like will be available shortly.

For the more adventurous amongst you we also have a kit with the ingredients needed to make your own wraps. On top of that you can also purchase refresher blocks to get around those tight-lipped buzzy miracles. These can be used to revive well used wraps or turn a piece of 100% cotton material of your choice into wraps of your own design. Simply cut a patch from your partner's dress / shirt and watch the expression of the joy of recycling spread over their face when you present them with the finished article.

All details on the website

Have fun

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