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How to use a handmade shampoo bar

There are many methods dotted around the internet, but in this blog I will comment on what works for me.


It is very easy, but it does involve some change from using commercial products. It is so worthwhile as you may be able to cut out conditioners and drastically reduce your plastic waste. You can find the benefits of shampoo bars elsewhere on this site.

Our shampoo bars contain beneficial oils and butters to nourish your hair, but you need to lather up well and rinse thoroughly to avoid any sticky residues. You will be surprised by how little you need but will soon get the balance right.

Stick with it, as it may take a few washes to clear your hair of silicones and chemicals that may have built up in your hair from prolonged usage of commercial products. Until they are banished, your hair may feel slightly waxy.

So, here are a couple of methods to try. I have used them both successfully.


  • THOROUGHLY wet your hair. The more water, the more lather you will get. Use water, water everywhere from the roots to the ends.

  • Rub the shampoo bar along the length of the hair from the forehead back to the ends as if you were combing it. Be gentle and don't overdo it, these bars go a surprisingly long way.

  • Create the lather by gently massaging your hair and scalp. Keep adding water as necessary until a fine lather forms.

  • Use your fingers like a comb from the head to the ends to avoid tangling your hair.