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100% cotton hand knitted flannels and sisal soap savers.

Coral and yellow and blue and sage, violet and orange and rose. I can sing a rainbow and tell you that we now have a colourful range of hand-knitted, 100% cotton flannels with which to enjoy our soaps. The flannel has been 'face-tested' by Queen Zee for a few weeks now and found to be 'really soft on the skin' and 'much nicer' than the mass produced flannels that we commonly use.

Also available are the nicely alliterative sisal soap savers. Made from natural sisal, these are ideal if you prefer something with more exfoliating qualities. Simply pop in one of our soaps, tighten the draw strings and off you go. Every last bit of the soap can be used, reducing waste or the need for ingenious ways we find to stick 'bits' to each other (or is that just me). After use, the draw strings can be used to hang the soap up to dry, thus keeping the sink / shower/ bath/ bathing apparatus of your choice all lovely and clean.

Nip along to the shop and treat yourself.

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