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One thing for which we are grateful to our bees is our growing awareness of nature and the need to be kind to the planet if we are to avoid a bleak future. We are still at the beginning of our journey and it feels very overwhelming compared to the progress others have made, but we have made a start and each step does make a difference no matter how small. We will keep scouting for ways to reduce our impact on the Earth and opportunities to improve our environment. If you have any ideas for us we'd love to hear them.

Steps we have taken so far include:-

MARKETING PRODUCTS THAT ARE AN ALTERNATIVE TO PLASTIC BOTTLED PRODUCTS -  we like to think that each sale of our traditional handmade soap bars, handmade shampoo bars, beeswax reusable food wraps probably means one less plastic bottle in the world.

RECYCLING PACKING - we will use plastic if it is sent to us. If we can get further uses from packaging, even if it is recyclable, we will use it again. It may mean another tree doesn't need to be cut down. So, you may get your order with bubble wrap and second-hand cardboard with a plea to use it again in turn. The longer we can keep these materials from landfill the better. It takes a bit of work but it's quite fun. 

SUSTAINABLE PACKAGING - we do use glass jars and tins with our products which are all easily recyclable. Our supplier of tins declares that 75% of steel ever produced is still in use today. At the moment 82.5% of metal packaging is being recycled and it can be reused over and over again, unlike plastic. @tinware_direct. 

The one thing we really like is the plant-based clear film bags we use for our bath bombs. It still seems like alchemy to make something that looks and behaves like clear plastic from plants! After use it can be put in the compost heap to degrade naturally. That's very cool isn't it? 

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